Job: PSO Journeyman

Title PSO Journeyman
Location Fort Belvoir
Position Type Full-Time
Job Information

Security Clearance: Top Secret with current access to SCI (SAP/Special Access Program)


  • Provide all facets of program security management in support of SAP initiatives, to include personnel, physical, information, industrial, and SCI security
  • Provide SAP security administration and management to program elements
  • Conduct security oversight inspections
  • Ensure facility compliance with all policies and directives
  • Provide guidance and oversight to defense contractors
  • Develop security plans and procedures for safeguarding classified information
  • Present indoctrination, debrief, and refresher training for program briefed personnel regarding obligations to protest classified information
  • Ensure adequate secure storage and work spaces for customers, conduct annual inventory of accountable classified material
  • Maintain SAPF/SCIF
  • Attend program meetings as security representative
  • Provide security support at program working groups/conferences
  • Prepare CUAs, MOUs, and MOAs for resident non-MDA SAPs for review and approval, develop and maintain SAP documentation
  • Prepare and submit SOP, monitor security incidents
  • Maintain SOP facility and personnel folders
  • Maintain TSCO log book
  • Implement all applicable requirements to maintain Facility IDS
  • Coordinate tests, inspections, repairs of program facilities
  • Identify and requisition equipment and supply needs
  • Escort non-cleared personnel
  • Maintain all required facility paperwork and accreditations
  • Inspect and comment on build projects to ensure DoD, JAFAN and DCID requirements are being met
  • Ensure proper handling of classified materials
  • Account for all TS Material
  • Inventory and label all existing media within facility
  • Ensure proper marking of classified materials
  • Prepare documents for receiving packaging, shipping and secure transmissions
  • Prepare and brief couriers on responsibilities
  • Maintenance of DOD required office files, to include destruction program materials, secure fax operations, SAP courier duties
  • Perform Program Indoctrinations and debriefings
  • Review submitted PARs and SAPNP questionnaires
  • Verify program Access Rosters
  • Transmit accomplished PIAs and PARs
  • Document receipt/dispatch, assists in SCI pre-briefings, indoctrinations, and debriefs as required
  • Manage the Security Awareness and Education program, reviews inspection results to correlate training products and priorities
  • Control visitor ingress/egress, answer phones, escort visitors and interface with senior level government and corporate officials and their staffs
  • Verify visitor clearances
  • Coordinate conference room meetings
  • Brief visitors to security requirements of facility
  • Perform general clerical duties as required
  • Complete required training
  • Must be knowledgeable of OPSEC principals, policies, vulnerability assessments and countermeasure development
  • Position Requirements:

  • Capable of development and implementing a multi-disciplined security program for complex, major acquisition Special Access Programs (SAPs)
  • Knowledgeable of OPSEC, personnel, industrial, physical, IT/IA, information security principles, DoD 5205 Series and ICD 705 Series
  • Has 3-10 years of experience as a Program Security Officer (PSO) with at least 3 cumulative years in acquisition SAPs
  • Strong writing ability. BS/BA in related field or a combination of lower-level education, formal training and experience beyond the basic Journeyman baseline
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