Job: ACD Network/Data Base Administrator (DBA)

Title ACD Network/Data Base Administrator (DBA)
Location San Antonio, TX
Position Type Full-Time
Job Information


DBA efforts shall be performed on-site in the MAO flight during core hours (M-F 0730-1630). Contractor shall perform DBA services on all 33 NWS supported mission networks (Defender, Patriot and Forensic), currently in the MAO Flight Database Administration Section. The contractor shall provide advanced database administration, implementation, administrative maintenance, configuration, and troubleshooting support for mission services.

Position Requirements:

The ACD Network/Data Base Administrator shall:

  • Provide advanced level support in specific database software as evidenced by the applicable commercial certifications (see Appendix D). Although Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and ArcSight are the focus of current ACD DBA operations, DBAs are expected to support additional upgrades as weapons system toolsets evolve. Additionally, DBAs shall perform advanced administrative maintenance, configuration and integration troubleshooting actions with a variety of commercial software suites.
  • Perform installation, upgrades, and daily maintenance of SANs consisting of UNIX-based, Windows-based, and VMware-based operating systems and other network and computer components.
  • Perform ACD database backups daily, weekly, and monthly on mission critical systems for same day recovery.
  • Evaluate and document the ACD network configuration and infrastructure, particularly during periods of peak usage, and determine where corrections and enhancements can be made to include Schema modifications, database configuration changes and hardware upgrades. The contractor shall provide all recommended fixes to include enhanced network configuration.
  • Provide Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and ArcSight database integration services with comprehensive testing of new systems, technologies and applications to ensure they satisfy stated requirements and provide supportable systems and networks in the future. The contractor shall make system and network recommendations and identify results to the COR or Government shift lead.
  • Create and delete database related user accounts within two (2) working days, tracking user privileges and maintaining a list of current users.
  • Ensure the ACD Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and ArcSight database services are secure, have the latest software patches installed, and are properly configured to DISA STIG and AF (AFI and TO) standards to minimize the potential of unauthorized intrusions.
  • Determine data gathering points throughout 33 NWS systems and networks for obtaining important ACD metrics, and determine and identify manual processes or generate programming scripts required to automate data gathering.
  • Certifications: CEH & Security + required

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