Mission Assurance

Our comprehensive approach accounts for people, processes, technology and enforcement.

  • Risk levels are assigned based on identified threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Risks are prioritized in accordance with mission, objectives, and a cost/benefit analysis of mitigating the risks.
  • Our services incorporate sustainable and repeatable security measures.

  • Security Authorization / Certification & Accreditation / IV&V (NIST, NIAP CCEVS, FIPS, DIACAP, ICD503)
  • Systems Engineering and Integration support for various C2 and C4ISR systems and integration efforts.
  • Security Audit/Vulnerability Assessment (internal and external)
  • Security Control Assessments (SCA) – FISCAM / DCAA / SAS70 Audits
  • BCP / COOP / DRP / CP
  • Infrastructure/Physical Security Assessments
  • Our expertise and knowledge converges physical and IT security to leverage the advantages of unified security administration for our clients.

  • Maximize existing client access control systems and monitoring measures.
  • Conduct awareness and incident training / develop threat mitigation strategies.
  • Perform physical access control implementation (e.g. Site Survey, CCTV installation, Video Surveillance).
  • Incorporate tool-suites of integrated technologies (e.g. biometrics, magstripes, two-factor authentication) to ensure access control and mitigation of threats.
  • While cyber attacks are a mounting threat from sophisticated hackers who know how to exploit vulnerabilities, physical/logical access control loopholes can be the most expedient and cost-effective methods to achieving the same goal.